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About Container Depot, LLC

What we do:
bullet Buy & sell all sizes of new and used collapsible bulk containers, plastic pallets and hand-held totes
bullet Cut & welds
bullet Buy & sell HDPE regrind and scrap
bullet Lease collapsible bulk containers

Industries we serve:
bullet Agriculture/produce bullet Apparel bullet Appliance bullet Automotive bullet Food & beverage bullet Logistics
bullet Manufacturing bullet Pharmaceutical bullet Recreational bullet Storage bullet Warehousing bullet Waste management

Why do business with Container Depot, LLC?
bullet Best prices in the business
bullet Rapid warehouse order fulfillment
High-quality products
bullet Recycling & refurbishment program
bullet One stop shop, no middleman
bullet Customer satisfaction guaranteed
bullet Buyer responsible for payment only after goods are received and deemed acceptable

Recycling & Refurbishment Program:
Our Recycling & Refurbishment Program helps reduce your waste costs and at the same time helps us become a more “green” company.  We will give you credit for your broken and unusable returnable packaging and apply it toward the new purchase of a Container Depot product.




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